Tree of Life


This is a version of the famous tree of life done over an imaginary log cut.

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The Tree of Life: Nordic Myth of Yggdrasil, the world tree.

You might think I was an avid tree lover when looking at The Tree of life. . Oh, I hug trees, don’t get me wrong. I do, however, I also find images of trees very soothing, but I do not belong; ashamedly, to any arborist society. I have also never been one to create wood waste; I do love using wood waste however. The Tree of life is a prime example. The Tree of Life is the 1st professional piece for the Simon DeVille portfolio. I wanted to be natural. To my luck, I befriended a local Yule tree salesman. His work would find him removing portions of the tree at the stump and then burning the small cut offs to keep warm. He decided some should be used for art as well, so I inherited one. That was the inspiration of this particular piece. I sat and thought how ironic it would be if the tree gave life to my tree of life. Then I began to imagine how that would work. It took some time to creatively consider how to take this act and make it artful. I decided using the tree as a base, I would create the rest of the piece around it. Hell, why not right on top? I wanted to make sure it was still bright and I suppose an ode to it’s Norse roots. I made sure to use the brightest green I had on hand, as well as the most flavorful brown. A green that only could fit on a new garden hose. A beautiful brown. Something you would praise as the best chocolate you have ever had, or the best cup of creamy coffee.

Here was the perfect storm to start my newfound Simon DeVille branding and Fine Arts career on. I immediately took to work to create the tree. I made sure the base the piece of the tree off of the Yule tree cut off in my hands. I wanted to describe the lines and the texture through the paint. My choice of bright blue back ground was going to compliment any choice of green and brown I used. The caramel nature of the inside of the tree went better than the golden yellow the log was telling, but the same time I knew nature would have the natural pallet to it. I was once told that if I ever needed a pallet, to look at nature. It will show you complimentary colors to most any color you can think of. I think I managed to get the rings enough to do so. My next move was an inspiration to create life out of this. I decided the best color would be bright green. As the tree developed, I became more inspired by the minute. I am pleased with the end result. I also learned I prefer canvas over art board, but art board was a great medium as well for me to begin on. Plus a more cost effective way of handling the end product, if you want to do so.

The Tree of Life would be best displayed in a small Library niche or Hallway towards a library or study. It’s colors go well with a strong solid background. Would easily match a wood based room for a splash of color. For those that have a study or better yet, a peaceful spot they meditate in, this little gem would bring the life to the room, if it is missing now. Even a small corner over a lamp or possibly along a hallway going to a basement room. No matter where you decide to put this piece, I am sure it will brighten the area. As well as your visitor’s time spent with you there.

I am thankful for the chance the Tree of Life gave me, your favorite fairy artist, Simon DeVille. This piece gave me a piece of my own history to share with the world. For the 1st time my work was being professionally offered to the general public. How mortifying and exciting at the same time. Success. As I should have known, the general public stepped up. I was to sell my artwork and vision as far away as Michigan. That is where this piece is being displayed in a private collection. The purchase of The Tree of Life literally gave life to my future career and much of the artwork that was to follow. This piece was a pronominal way to start looking at the colors and processes painting can teach me. Excited really to see my efforts pay off. When asked how it looked, the client said he was pleased, and that he was excited to give it to his love for her birthday. I did not even see that coming. Did you? I didn’t think so. I love the way the Universe is connected. Rooted.

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This was sold to a customer in Michigan

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