The Summit


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The path to the summit

Everyone is always talking about the right path or the path to the summit of your life. Well, here it is! Just the right amount of vegetation and light. The right amount of trees at the end of the hike uphill. The perfect path extending outwards towards the mountain range in the background. It all converges as you visually reach the summit of this mountain, your mountain. 

Here it is

As I looked into this image I began to see things differently than the tutor I was watching. I love the softness of the field and the way I created the source of light. The light was offset from the center so that it would cast nice shadows on my trees. I was happy with the light beams and the shadows extending from the tree trunks. They made me feel like an accomplished artist; even more so after seeing the reactions from the viewers of this piece. Just the right amount of all the elements to let your eyes soak it in. 

Just for you

The Summit is the right path for you. A mountain summit’s peak and the light you may have just caught after the grueling hike. This painting may remind you of a moment that you accomplished yourself, or a moment you wish you could accomplish in the future. Either way, here is your visual aid to help bring that thought alive. All waiting for your wall. I painted this thinking it could be a resource for someone to enjoy that loves hikes like this, or mountains, or trees, or rays of light, or just the right amount of a mix of all the above. Thank you again for your support.

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