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A rock, tree, water, and reflections

My painting, which I call reflections, is a combo pack to bring tranquility to your home. An elegant body of water to which to rest your eyes on. If the softness of the tree, or the distant beachhead did not calm you down, then the reflective water surface should have. It’s amazing that so much is transpiring in this one little gem of a painting. 

Goal set and matched

Really the end game was to have a painting that would create a look of still reflective and cooling water. I used the edge of the painting to really invite the eye in. The brush was a surprise. As I worked the tree in the front I used a brush AI had never used for this purpose. It worked out wonderfully once I knew how to use it to create this effect. The effect is breathtaking to me. I loved how soft it made the needles of the tree. I loved how it presented a new type of tree for me. It was really a reckoning for me. I had To realize that my brush could cause me such joy. 

What works

Here you have been presented with a brand new view. One filled with the trifecta of water, trees and rocks. You have it all to really define how you relate to this painting in your space. Please consider owning Reflections as a way to bring your space a renewed sense of self. This painting can elevate any room to the mountain top. Its purpose is to make you feel joy and happiness every time you see it. What a wonderful reason to hang a piece of art.

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14" x 18"


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