This page is dedicated to displaying my logo design work

In order to empower those that are fans of my graphic work; I felt it was a good idea to showcase my logo designs on my website. These are all graphic images of business logos that I have created in the past that have been used in public branding. Below the overview of all of my logos, I have written small stories about each logo. I hope you enjoy reading about my journey in logo design.

Group of logo created by Simon Deville
Simon’s Logo Work

I have written a short description about each of the designs below, I hope you enjoy.

1st logo Design

Logo design for Hermine's Old World Confections website and company.
Hermine’s Old World Confections

My raising really contributed to my learning how to create art. Both of my parents were entrepreneurs: one was a sales man and the other both tailor and artist. Before my mother opened her first business, she painted in her spare time. I remember growing up under her easel and smelling the odor of the oil paints. Next she opened a tailor’s shop, where she became know for her skills throughout the Coeur D’ Alene area. She would talk about starting her own bakery every so often, becoming increasingly more excited by the idea. Once she had decided to open her bakery, I took on the challenge to help brand the new business. She loves to cultivate my artistic innovation. Borrowing from her German old world culture, I developed the logo above for her to use. It was fun and reminiscent of the German old world. Her original gingerbread products were shaped like hearts, so the image used her product directly. With all the elements in this one image, it was a natural fit for her. She loved it and she began promoting it once her dream of owning her own bakery was achieved. If you enjoy chocolate, baked goods, or German deserts, you need to visit her today, she would love to hear from you!

Logo Design #2

Logo design for The Image Alchemists website and company.
The Image Alchemists

Inspired by our relationship and new found collective skills, my wife and I began a company to build websites for small businesses. We worked on developing branding for a business where we could use our collective skills together. She has the left hemisphere’s logic driven skills, and I have right hemisphere’s artistic skills. We wanted to be the solution to your website needs. The general drive was to bring your raw business elements together to create gold. Simple advertising alchemy, if you will. Our website reflected that idea and The Image Alchemists were born. Our customer base varied, however one thing we did find out was that we needed more knowledge about websites and web development skills to build websites professionally for others. This was not the end of our entrepreneurial efforts however, but only the beginning.

Logo Design #3

Logo design for Flying Fairy Fortress website and company.
Flying Fairy Fortress

This project was my wife’s and my first collective project. We are creating a website dedicated to fairy related news and links. We are calling it the Flying Fairy Fortress link. It will be a resource for fairy gardeners and fairy related products. Keeping to the theme of our team. We lovingly want fairies to bring a little magic into our lives and keep the wonder of life alive. We love people who have miniature fairy gardens or share magical stories about fairies and fairy lore. With this in mind, we realized that we are in touch with many fairy friendly people and would be able to link them together to share the magic. This is where the idea began. The website domain has been procured and the website is currently in production. We are going to launch sometime in 2023.

Logo Design #4

Logo design for Modality Massage website and company.
Modality Massage

This might have been the easiest client I will ever have. After stepping up and offering our services, the first to hire us was our biggest fan and friend Misty Keeler. She had decided to give her efforts over to opening up her own business. We really were excited to have her be our first for several reasons. She was very open minded and only wanted the whole project to be easy. We immediately took to having fun. The images were quickly taken for the website and the theme quickly built. Our logo was elements of her theme and her favorite fonts. We had a blast making changes and developing the final graphic you see above. She has since been scooped up by a larger firm and is happily employing her skills there.

Logo Design #5

Logo design for Umphred Studios company and Facebook page.
Umphred Studios

After beginning our journey down web designer road, we had to make sure we covered those near and dear to us. Among them were our closest friends, a pair of sisters by the name of Celeste and Jennifer Umphred. A pair to be reckoned with, for sure. This powerhouse of two, decided that the time had come for them to develop their family name brand here again. Both bringing 5th generational upholstery and design knowledge to the business model. They specialize in upholstery and furniture design, so their work required a stylish strong design to represent those attributes. We were out thrift shopping one day and saw this style of design on the side of a 1960’s trailer, they fell in love with it. Sadly they is not taking new clients at the moment.

Logo Design #6

Logo design for Puffin' Pros website and company.
Puffin Pros

Our efforts extended every where we could. A new venture capitalist partner came out of the woodwork. Using our energy and his financial backing, we worked to try and create the image and branding online that he was looking for. He was excited about two product lines. One of his two products was a line of glass blown pipes. This one he had already purchased the domain for. It was to be called, I immediately thought that by relating the Puffin’ with puffin bird it would be iconic. It fit the colorful image and fun the customer wanted to have. The concept stuck with me to the moment we had to come up with a logo for this business adventure. We developed the colors and was ready to put Puffin’ Pros online and get them known. He stopped project in order to change course and try his hand at drop shipping. Thus we put Puffin’ Pros on hold and began a whole new project with him. His budget ran out on the second project, so neither of the logos or designs were officially used.

Logo Design #7

Logo design for website.
It’s a Vape

Our new venture capitalist partner chose to move us in the direction of a drop shipping company. The business model was an easy one to understand. It’s a vape was simple enough, Fortunately; Nicolette was well versed in being able to talk back end and product sheets with the supplier. He decided he wanted to try and tap the up and coming vaping industry. Our effort extended to vape pens, vape equipment, and vape accessories. The business image needed to be fresh and fun. Uncomplicated and very easily distinguished. We took what we were seeing online and wanted it to have a razor sharp image. Colors would matter for this. We went with the stark black white red. That way we could use the red to highlight sales or items we wanted to make sure people would notice. Unfortunately the supplier was not very organized and our partner decided he could not wait for them and had to stop the entire adventure. It was a good opportunity for us to design a label for a product from the idea of product to market sales.

Logo Design #8

Logo design for website.
Spokane Cabins

It wasn’t long after that we met another entrepreneurial spirit by the name of Dustin Jolly. We all decided that we would locate willing cabin owners and help them manage their cabins when they are not using them. A sort of rental management system for those who were doing the Airbnb thing and others like it. For this project I needed a logo that would inspire trust and a happy willingness to share. I needed a way to describe safety and a home. This was the solution we all agreed would work best for the project. We were distracted by a project that took us into the woods as a camp host. Although this logo had a very short lifespan, it sold the concept well and I thought I would include it.

Logo Design # 9

Logo design for Facebook Fairy Coffee Clutch group on Facebook.
Facebook fairy Coffee Clutch

My wife and I are social creatures, we are so social that we host a coffee clutch bi annually as well as a Facebook group. I spent a great deal of time cultivating a group of people that would send a morning picture with a cup of coffee. Well let me tell you, that little group took off. By the time we were changing the way we handled the group, we had 20 people sending us pictures in the morning. We had decided a good way to continue was to move it online and we decided Facebook would do. For this coffee clutch, I wanted to share the “magic” idea again. The bubbles popping out of the cup was a great way to do that and I felt the colors all had to be coffee related. This was the logo I came up with to represent all the magic of our coffee clutch. We post coffee mug shots and memes daily and we would welcome you to the group.

Logo Design #10

Logo design for Nicolette DeVille Data Services website and company.
Nicolette DeVille Data Services

True to herself, Nicolette never stopped programming and now she needed a website logo for her professional portfolio. She asked me to design it. I wanted a logo that would describe her skills in web development and needing it to be soft and demure, yet strong and technologically representative. I thought the use of her initials would be a soft approach. Today she offers front end web development skills for the general public and is currently growing her React skills. Visit her website and see what she has been up to for yourself.

Logo Design #11

Logo design for Simon DeVille Fine Art website and company.
Simon DeVille Fine Arts

Finally, I present you with my personal Logo. Here is the logo I have chosen to reference my work. I figured the artist signature on a piece of art solidifies his work. Famous artists before me have also drawn from their own signature. I am inspired by their flair and what I hope to inspire in others. Some flair and spirit with my signature.