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Born August 2, 1969 – Currently residing in Washington State

Hi, I am Simon DeVille an acrylic fine artist whose current focus is painting landscapes with photographic detail. I’m also developing my Plein Air paintings skills in rendering a more impressionistic painting of the areas I paint at. I love to paint and show my work to the public. I paint a myriad of subjects and styles, from atomic art, to abstracts, to landscapes, and mythical creatures. In my youth I travelled abroad, to Wiesbaden, Germany and experience the culture their first hand. This dramatically helped develop my sense of culture and my appreciation for art.

My education in art

Being educated in a few different arts schools, the most famous of which is Cornish College of the Arts. Even my mother painted as I grew up, I seemed to lived and breath art. It started with me attending Cornish for my interior design passions. I soon found that Cornish was a little on the expensive side for me and I would have to go to a different less expensive school. So back home to Idaho State College I went.

Someone to share the path with

Years later, I met my wife Nicolette DeVille and we were married 2 years later. One cold December day we both were shopping for some supplies for the home and she pulled me over in front of a rack of canvasses and told me to pick a pack out and start painting. That got me started and it challenged me to develop into the acrylic fine artist that I am today. I am currently creating art as Nicolette and I explore the pacific northwestern side of the US.

How I feel about my art

Hello! My name is Simon DeVille and I am a fine acrylic artist. I love the rich history of fine art painting. Please take a look at my store & gallery to see examples of my works. My preferred styles are Landscapes and abstracts, however I dabble in other styles as well. I’ve even created some fantasy and fairy tale themed art. Please enjoy my studio work, or my more recent attempts at Plein Air paintings you explore my artwork. You can read about that on my blog post.

My personal challenge

I love translating what I see into acrylic paintings. My challenge is to create acrylic paintings that look indistinguishable from an oil painting. When someone thinks one of my acrylic paintings is an oil painting, I feel I have achieved one of my goals. Watch as I challenge myself as much as possible and push my skills in acrylic painting to greater heights. Art has beautiful place in the world and I am thankful I can create art for everyone’s pleasure; even my own.

To the streets

Watch for me! I want to bring the rich culture of the performing painter back to the streets, the trails, and the marketplaces. To help create an association of painting to be something to be performed in front of others to enjoy. Of course all of your inspirations are welcomed here on my website while I am out and about. Enjoy the art I have created and thank you for supporting your local artists and art community.

Fine Acrylic Artist

“I love to inspire and create in order to help everyone enjoy art”

~Simon DeVille

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