Dishman Hills to Climb


A Plein air painting on wood of the entrance to the Dishman Hills hiking area.

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Introduction of Dishman Hills to Climb

As if it were an opening to an adventure, the entrance to the Dishman Hills conservation area beckons you to come explore. It is a space for Spokane Valley residents to clear their mind and exercise their body. A great escape for anyone to get away. This little painting is my impressionist way to share that escape with you. A place where I find peace of mind and tranquility. I know I always enjoy that starting step of a hike. 

That is my impression

I chose this spot because of the people that were out and about, getting ready to go on this particular adventure. It was almost an hour and a half by the time I got done re-working the colors and fighting the changing shadows. I am learning quickly where to place myself according to the sun and the activity. We brought the car and so I sat near it, enjoying the shade of the trunk. In retrospect that might have made me less approachable. Moving forward I will make sure to be away from the car to allow people more opportunity to start a conversation. 

Now for the conversation

The conversation happens when you are painting and someone stops to ask you about it. Almost as if you just happened to be there in the right time and place. You see that is the plan and that is how you get customers that are invested. By watching you paint the area they were just in, it can give them a sense of ownership. The conversation is usually a preamble to them purchasing a piece. Dishman hill to climb is a great little conversation starter for anyone.

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