Water’s Edge


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Come down to the water’s edge

This piece of art is my open invitation for you to come to the water’s edge. It’s a great place to forget your troubles and calmly reflect on your journey. Find inspiration and peace while you are there. Feeling inspired by Bob Ross and all the other landscape painters that came before him, I decided I wanted to create a piece in that same vein. While watching Bob I tend to feel an inner peace and that is what I wanted my painting to reflect. Mostly, I hoped the painting would give off a very natural feel and be reflective of nature’s beauty. Thanks to Mr. Ross I think I got close with Water’s Edge

My take on it

During the process of creating this piece, with Bob Ross’s guidance, I discovered a better way to use my fan brushes to create trees and a new respect for the pine tree. Making sure the background was nice and bright compared to the foreground, I added a lot of highlights and lowlights. As Bob has such a strong handle on this, I followed his lead. I wanted there to be depth and a possibility of reflection. The ripples on the water were a “happy accident” as he has said many times before. I am finding I am too critical of my work, as many viewers seem to see beauty in some things I would consider mistakes. I feel I may have missed the mark on occasion, and someone comes along and says, “Great work”! Water’s Edge is no different. As soon as I hung it, someone approached me wanting to purchase it. Leaving only the replicated version left for the rest of us. 

My hopes

Like Mr. Ross has inspired me, I wish to inspire you with my art. My art is meant to be an inspiration for all. This piece is for those who are not able to go to the water’s edge. I hope this painting makes it easier to imagine being there. That it takes you to a place of calm and tranquility. That it helps you find balance and harmony within yourself. Finally, I hope that Water’s Edge inspires some feeling in you and that it resonates with you.

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Weight16 oz
Dimensions11 × .75 × 14 in
Painting Size

11" x 14"

Painting Medium


Painting Surface

Stretched Cotton Canvas


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