Spring Rain


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Presenting Spring Rain

Let me bring you into the world of the abstract rainstorm. Allow Spring Rain show you what rainfall would be like in the form of this abstract painting. Put on some Burt Baccarat and mix yourself a drink, while you study and enjoy this piece of art. This is the painting you’ve been waiting for. This acrylic on stretched canvas is ready to hang and enjoy for those pluviophiles out there. Do you dare to see things in a fantastic and abstract way?

The show

I am attracted to the rain. I cannot get enough of the stuff, which is why I adore living on the west side of Washington. Growing up in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho and traveling all around the state of Washington, has exposed me to quite a bit of rain. I adore the clouds rolling overhead. I spent a minute in L.A. and gave the sun the title of: Day Star, as I dreaded the lack of clouds and the oppressive heat from the California sun. Capturing the colors of the rain in spring, I brought life to this piece of art. The beautiful green and blues show the cooling, refreshing feeling I get when I think about rain. I hope it makes you feel this way too. 

The hope

If you are refreshed after viewing Spring Rain, then I have done my part. I wanted to bring the cleansing feeling I get from rain to the canvas. A cooling sensation that is going to be good for your interior. Several colors brought together in an abstract form can be the new talking piece of your home. Let me give you something new to talk about and enjoy this piece for yourself.

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16" x 20"


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