Warm Window Cabin


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Cold outside, warm cabin

You have a warm window cabin, waiting for you to come in and sit by the fire. If I could transport into my own paintings, this is where I would want to go. Knowing the sounds would be virtually silent and the air as clean as it could get. I can picture the scene inside of that cabin way off in the distance. Has it been a destination for the viewer? Maybe this was a welcomed sight for a lost wanderer. There is so much that can be thought of. 


Short of disappearing

Even if I could disappear into one of my own paintings, I must start by making a believable image. Thanks to my school of Ross, I am learning to handle lighting and color together. The blues under the white influence the image and make the white colder. It affects the way you view the snow. I am in love with the fundamentals I am relearning in the school of Ross.


You can too

What I hope to inspire in you is the idea that you too can feel this feeling of wonder at the sight of a Warm window cabin and think of all that this implies. I love that you have taken time to find out what I think behind the image. I hope this becomes a painting you will want to have.

Additional information

Weight16 oz
Dimensions10 × .75 × 8 in
Painting Size

8" x 10"

Painting Medium


Painting Surface

Stretched Cotton Canvas


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