Cabin Near the Woods


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For the tree lover, a cabin near the woods

It is my pleasure to paint this cabin near the woods in order to bridge that gap of not being in the woods and sitting in that room. I wanted a piece that you could see yourself in. I can see myself in this image. How the shadow on the ground indicated a hill to traverse before I got to the cabin in the distance. 

Building the way

I love how the forest in the distance does its job of giving this canvas depth. Another process founded by the school of Bob Ross. The form the trees take in the foreground and how it was easy to establish them filled me with joy as I painted them. The part of this painting that was the hardest was recreating that grassy knoll. It was an effort to find the balance of color to create that hill. I know I want more experience painting hills. 

Now for you to enjoy

What I hope to inspire from painting this is to bridge the gap between being in the woods and being in the space you are in right now. If you are able to see yourself standing at that spot and are ready to hike that journey past the stand of trees and closer to the cabin, then I painted this for you. I want there to be a moment where you can enjoy the feelings associated with being in that scenario.

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