Dishman Farm


An acrylic painting of the foothills of Dishman Mica and a farm below those hills. Buildings dot the scene bringing life to the valley.

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The start of something new

You are looking at the first painting I have finished in Plein Air style. A style of painting where the artist goes outside with a portable easel and paints and finds a location and begins painting the scene in front of him. After I had been involved with mobile art shows and art galleries, there was nothing stopping me from painting in public. I would take my act out into public and choose a location. The Dishman Mica hills area was the perfect place to start for a few reasons. The view, the landscape, and the animals were all wonderful reasons to paint there. Dishman Farm came from that location and I really love how it turned out.

Landscapes and rural

Landscapes and rural scenes are the two words the gallery owner used to describe what kind of paintings sell around Spokane, WA. I grew up watching my mother paint landscapes. She would create paintings of the locations where my grandmother and grandfather used to visit. My family just seems to breathe art and landscapes are definitely a specialty. It seems it is my turn to follow the landscape path as an artist. It would be my first attempt at Plein Air painting like my mother did before me. I took my mobile easel and a few of my paints….Okay, I confess, I took way too many of my paints and brushes as I really didn’t know what I was getting into. Thanks to support from my friends and family I am always prepared for any kind of art.

Learning to paint Dishman Farm

No matter the time or effort I knew this was a scene that would fit the bill. There were animals and everything, nature, mountains, and trees, what more could I want. The barn was the perfect color and the grass was right. It even has a picket fence. All the right elements for a great rugged and landscape image. This was what I had to perfect to fulfill this new goal of mine. I needed to push myself and Dishman Farm was the perfect start. This is where my Plein Air painting begins.

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