The Clearing


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The Clearing can help

Sometimes being near nature can help, and I believe The Clearing does just that. For those that cannot get out as often as they would like to, here is your help. It’s in the form of a simple painting. Here you can find resolution to your stress. Here in this little painting you can lose yourself. Forget, if only for a moment, all of your troubles and stress. Picture yourself out in the middle of this field. Ready to scream it all away.

Don’t scream

I was certainly tempted to scream just writing that. What a grand idea, to be able to just let it all go in that painted clearing. This would be the perfect spot for a scream. In the middle of this clearing. I wanted an opportunity to create the perfect moment to let all of that stress go. This painting demonstrates the perfect balance of peace, calm, tranquility, and serenity. Perfect calm and no one around. It is a wonderful place to just let it all go. Just make sure you don’t let it go until you get there.

Just go for it

Definitely get this painting. Definitely hang it on your wall. Let it help you lower your stress levels and help get your health back on track. Yes, do all of that to get yourself back on track. Just remember, don’t scream, unless you are in a situation that you are able to do so. Now you have the chance to transport yourself to a place that allows you to breathe, relax, and calm down. This painting is great for anyone wanting to own a piece of peace.

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