Ukraine Sunflower


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Hoping for peace with this flower of peace

I decided to paint this sunflower on the Ukrainian flag’s colors as a background to support Ukraine during the Russian invasion. As you may or may not know the sunflower is the national flower for Ukraine. I know you will love this piece, as we hope for peace. this is why I decided to paint this portrait. I knew this was a great way to show my support. How could I show that support as best as I could?

How I decided for the Ukraine Sunflower

I needed to show the respect I could for Ukraine while using the very identity they have to show what they stand for. The national flag and the national flower ow much was packed into those two symbols alone. I knew those two would speak volumes together.  I could have gone with just the flag, or flower alone; but that would not convey as much specifically I wanted to show. I need to show their love of life and show how their view is peaceable. Not what they are going through now. 

Now how to paint the Ukrainian Sunflower

I needed to use the most respectable and sharpest way to energize the flag for the viewer. I could have used the traditional colors solid and standard; while maybe making it look like it was moving, but I wanted your eye to find more to do. Pointillism was a great solution I have in my tool kit, as I demonstrated with my piece called Man About Town. 

It is the flag and flower to fly

Supporting Ukraine through art is my best means. I know this image will fit well in any home looking to do the same. The Ukrainian Sunflower is my attempt to be a positive force in this horrible moment for everyone who supports Ukraine. Here is the perfect union of art and all that Ukraine represents for us now.

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Weight16 oz
Dimensions16 × .5 × 20 in
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16" x 20"

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Stretched Cotton Canvas


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