The Path


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The path to the future

Let me introduce you to The path. It really isn’t a road and it really isn’t a path, but somewhere in between. Someday it will grow up to be a road, but from the looks of the fence line, that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Entertain the idea that you have a way out and The Path will help you find it. Mentally escape whatever you are doing and wander around that tree line and discover what lies beyond. Here is your chance to have your own personal road, or path, however you see it. 

Developing a way to tread

I use photos from the internet and inspirations from memory. I create most of my paintings from a combination of the two. This was an image off of Pinterest that inspired me, author Unknown. I used it as a start, but added my personal touch to it in the details. I love the way the midday light feels in this painting. It must have been an image that was taken in the Midwest during high-noon. I can just feel the heat in the air and hear the flies in the fields. I really love the open field and the trees beyond, they really give off a feeling of the countryside. This image has inspired me to create more like it, as I really like how it turned out. 

Imagine it and they will see

I feel that if I can render on the canvas what I see in a way that is easily understood I consider that piece a success. There were so many directions this could have gone and I am proud of the artistic growth I gained from this painting. I love the feel of the pasture on the right and the fence line being broken down and raggedy. It reminds me of my walks along a fence line. I have been there and really feel that this is a representation of those moments for me. I hope you enjoy The Path as much as I did while painting this piece.

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