Texture of a Sunset


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I offer that as a suggestion. Not as a directive. I even offer you Texture of a sunset to help you do so. Here I would like to think I have created a very definition of texture, at least for this rendering. I loved the way the paint splashed around on the canvas. Giving me plenty of pleasure in making a version of the sun setting where you could almost feel the sunset. 


Here is the painting I wanted to do that would give me a look that reflects passion for painting with acrylics. This piece was not my traditional larger pieces. This was a small “safe” place to unleash. I did. I let the paints flow around the canvas to really drive the point of texture home. This piece allows me to live wildly with the paint showing everyone my fun. This painting shows the swirls and swooshes I made very proudly and openly. Not hiding the fun this piece really gave me making it. 



Again, I only offer this as a suggestion. I know I have multiple times since creating it. I will find myself studying the shimmer of the water or the passion of the clouds above. It is meant to take you out of where you are mentally and bring you oceanside. I know this is not photorealism at all. This could be considered impressionistic, if it needed classification. The elements are all still very much there. The sun, the water, the reflection. Everything is present for you to enjoy a day at the beach. For as long as you can, stop, look, and enjoy.

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Weight16 oz
Dimensions8 × .75 × 10 in
Painting Size

8" x 10"

Painting Medium


Painting Surface

Stretched Cotton Canvas


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