Crisp Mountain Lake


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Meet Crisp Mountain Lake

Allow me to introduce you to Crisp mountain lake. A depiction of the cleanest clear water I and Bob ross could have thought of. Here you will find everything you would want for a moment in this environment. You’re able to enjoy the light airy crisp visuals that could be had in such a scenario. Should you have found yourself high in the mountains and ready for a nice deep drink of the clean water there, this would be a possibility of what you would find. 

What made it happen 

I felt it was important to learn as much as I could about lighting and reflection. Here you will see my skills develop in those areas. I love how crisp the visual plane is and brought me to the name. I love the clean image and how it really reflects a view many love to see. Shoreline skills were developed during this painting. Really showing me the way to set a tree line back and still get a shoreline out of the tree line. 

For your pleasure

What I hope to inspire with Crisp mountain lake, is to ignite the passion for a good view. If you have enjoyed this painting, then I have succeeded. If you are looking for a fine piece of art to hang in your entry, this is as well. Help others feel the exuberance you felt when you first laid eyes on it. Share that feeling today and share this on your social media, that way everyone can enjoy it!

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14" x 18"


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