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Yeah man, Swirly Dots

It wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to see a postmodern piece like Swirly Dots bring a tap to your toes and a pop to your visual space. Let me take you through a maze of fun with a simple combo pack of two colors. Just like the era this piece was born of, the postmodern movement, this party painting has all the thump of a great jazz song. I would dare say you will have to play something from that era while hanging it, or your experience would not be complete. Maybe throw a martini together and watch as you have suddenly turned your humble home into a swinging sixties pad. This throw back from yester-year is proven to enhance any space dedicated to the sixties. 


I have a fixation with black and white. I used to wear checkered vans and the flap hat. All black and white. Here is a piece that is inspirational to me for that reason alone. Not to mention the nostalgia I have looking at it while playing Burt Bacharach. The two just seem to blend. This little gem of a piece I came up with to remind me of the possibilities of what black and white can do together. I wanted it to move and seem like it was in flux. I needed to make sure there were few confusing elements and make sure that those elements would still move. Having a ribbon of black across the visual plane was natural. I had to consider how I was going to get the piece to move. Naturally, having it avoid a barrier was the best way to accomplish this.  

Like wow

No matter where you land on the design charts, I am sure you feel the vibe this piece is wading off. Cool as a cucumber. This painting brings the chill to any environment. The intellectual stimuli involved in seeing this piece takes us back to a time when things were happening man. Cool things. This is the piece to remind you that all can be chill. I hope this should be a great piece for your wall. It has the drama of black and white and matches with most furniture. It is clean and yet really out there. The balance is not only in the color choices, but also the image itself. Great for the office or hall, this piece keeps things moving.

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Dimensions16 × .75 × 20 in
Painting Size

16" x 20"

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Painting Surface

Canvas Board


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