Landscape of a River


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An example of a river

I would like to provide you with an example of one of my inspirations for my art: the Spokane river. A stream that flows in and among the citizens of Spokane. All the way from the valley to the downtown area and out to western Washington. That river has so much meaning to me since I grew up in the area, so I had to pay some sort of honor to it. I give you, Landscape of a river in all of its glory. It is an acrylic painting on canvas and I feel it does the Spokane river justice. 


The inspirational moment

I am very fortunate in my life to have spent a winter in a “palace” overlooking this river. Seeing first hand what was in the valley around and behind that beautiful river. Each day that flowing river provided me with new inspirations. This painting is my biggest impressions of that view. This piece represents all the stages of the area, from the river to the trees as they grow.  


I hope Landscape of a River inspires you

I know this area is well known and I love that so many can identify with growing up near Spokane River. In this painting I have attempted to capture something that you can relate to, something that makes you think of the Spokane River and the post downtown area of the river. This way you can take the Spokane River home with you.


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