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I used to listen to the band Morrissey quite often. If I could describe the vibe Series of Events has for me, Morrisey’s vibe would be it. A shoegazer classic of a painting. I wanted to bring you a piece that easily fit into an L.A. home, or around a classic record player humming tunes. I really wanted to bring you a retro abstract that had an organic repeated pattern of geometric shapes. Nothing too identifiable, but still resembling recognizable shapes.

Discovery of Series of Events

I needed your eye to pop as you gazed at the shape.  Had I gone with white, it would have been too stark and there would have been nowhere else to go with the painting. I went with a bright yellow, which was very complimentary. It gave off a calming vibe as well, but slightly electric, making the painting pop. I had found the right combination of contrasting colors. The trick was to learn how to blend those two with more of the same feelings and concepts, the natural choice was red. It made the other two colors blend together better and dialed back the contrast. The next color in the development of the pattern needed to do the same. Purple fit wonderfully. The next series of events had to have the strength of complimentary colors, just as the others did. Orange seemed to do the trick. 


Depending on the home or office this piece lands in, I assure you this piece will make your room pop. This is the kind of painting you will find one or more of your guests standing in front of and studying it. Series of Events is the kind of painting that hints at geometric shapes and lets your eye decide the way the colors were added to the painting. The decision your eye makes, becomes part of the painting itself. An opportunity for you to fully engage with art is what you will find with Series of Events.

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11" x 14"


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