This Acrylic on stretched canvas depicts the old fairy tale Snow white at several spots during the tale dividing the picture into thirds.

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Introduction of Schneewittchen

I am sure Schneewittchen needs very little introduction. It holds all the visual elements needed to translate which fairytale this painting represents. You can easily spot the troublesome mirror. We can plainly see the apple being offered to our heroine, Snow White. We can see the concerned dwarves fawning over our maiden, pure as the driven snow. This is the tale of snow white portrayed artistically by me. In the shroud of the woods, this tale unfolds for you visually. The only introduction is the name Schneewittchen, which translates to Snow Witch in German. Not everything is how Walt Disney portrayed it as. Grimm’s fairy tales reflected the darker nature of many a fairytale. Most German fairy tales are much darker in nature. I wanted to bring that history back to make sure it isn’t lost.


Have some romance

I wanted to bring the romance back to the canvas. To pay homage to my German roots and bring something out that would capture your attention. Hopefully it captures yours as much as it has captured mine. This piece was fun from the first color blocking layer to the detailed hats on the seven bearded little heroes. I loved watching it develop under my brush. This was the first piece I started to really grasp the details on what I wanted to show. Making design choices and changes as I went, in order to really make sure my magic would come through. There needed to be some implied lines, so as to give your eye something to dance around. I wanted colors that hearkened to the 1930’s in flavor. Art deco colors and shapes really bring out the romance of this era of storytelling. 


Who is inspiring who

This is one of so many storytelling paintings out there. I intended on bringing you in with a fairytale piece. What it did instead was it brought me in. I am a fan of the fairy, I love German things, and I grew up around fairytales. After accomplishing this piece I find that I may want to specialize in fairytale pieces that are a little darker and not so Disney bright. I want this piece to inspire you, as it has inspired me. I paid close attention to detail while leaving much to the imagination on this particular canvas. Making a choice about the leaves and the placement specifically to tell the story in my way to you. I want you to be able to feel the richness of the story while being able to connect with the art itself.

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Weight16 oz
Dimensions16 × 0.25 × 20 in
Painting Size

16" x 20"

Painting Medium


Painting Surface

Stretched Cotton Canvas


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