A Scene of Green


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Hip to the scene of green

No need to become alarmed if your schedule doesn’t allow you the time for the pleasure of a nature retreat, a moment to go hiking, or even the opportunity to go camping. Simon Deville has got you covered. I have captured the perfect scene to help your mind relax: A Scene of Green. The various greens that make up this painting all provide your eye with the necessary chill scene you need to have. No matter where you are, A Scene of Green promises relaxation and a oneness with nature. 


As if the brush knew

In this painting I attempted to learn a new technique to apply to rendering trees. I have been finding them to be quite the challenge for me to master. Trees are so organic that there are almost an endless variety of ways to draw them. A Scene of Green really helped me with developing my tree rendering talents. I wanted to describe the quiet of a forest in the middle of the morning. I rendered everything I could think of to include in that quiet scene. The way I chose to do this was to make sure the mist floated, the sky above was clear, and the trees were many. In fact, far too many to count. 



This is where you have a chance to envision a nice 5 minute walk in the woods, or afford your guests the same.by simply hanging this image on your wall, you can look up and escape anytime.  It is a great waiting room image, or could easily float in the hall in between rooms. No matter where you hang it, the room will have been affected by this smooth painting. It knows where the scene is. A Scene of Green.

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11" x 14"


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