Ray of Tulips


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A ray of tulips

I present for your enjoyment, a new acrylic painting: Ray of Tulips. A field full of tulips for as far and wide as the canvas allows. I wanted this to be a field full to the brim with flowers. Not a visual break to be found, making you focus on the glory of them all. Speaking of glorious, the sunlight spotlights the field with a generous burst of glorious, golden rays. The rays break through the clouds and highlight the most important feature of this painting; the tulips.

Why Tulips

The story goes like this as follows: My wife’s grandfather gave me an American Legions calendar. I told my mother in law I would paint her something for her birthday and asked her to pick out something for me to paint. She grabbed the calendar that was just given to me and pointed to a beautiful photo of a field with the sun shining above, taken by Evgenii Emelianov. Evgenii had found a field of young rye, the shining sun turning the whole field golden. Knowing it would be a good flex of my skills to emulate Evgenii, I happily accepted. Tulips are her favorite flower you see, and she chose red, pink, and yellow as colors. All that was left for me to do was create the art from the clue I had pieced together.

Bright and cheerful

As bright as the flowers are, they really are only a shade darker than that sky. Which in turn is only a shade darker than that sun. Personally the rays bursting out from behind the clouds are my favorite part and I feel they light everything up. The photographer captured the best moment and it was my pleasure to turn it into my own piece of art. Ray of tulips is ready for you to hang on your wall. This artistic landscape is the perfect piece for any flower lover. I offer this in canvas print to the public art consumer, as my mother-in-law has the original. Brushes Up!

Additional information

Dimensions14 × .75 × 11 in
Painting Size

11" x 14"

Painting Medium


Painting Surface

Stretched Cotton Canvas


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