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My painting, Diamonds, is a room’s best friend. White, black, gray, and silver on a dull and listless day, bring brightness, life, and levity to any room. Here among the favorite colors from yesteryear, we find four beloved shapes. All four purposefully laid over a sassy set of contrasting colors, beloved by those that adore the atomic art of the 1950’s. 


Vintage feeI

I wanted something to complement Boo Boo Kitty. A fantastic piece that highlights any retro vintage room. I knew these diamonds were the way to go. They could be the geometric shapes people of the 50’s so coveted. All the basic color ingredients you need in this painting. The rest works itself out. The shapes naturally float over the contrasting colors and give the eye something to rest on. Fun as you gaze, just like the era. 


Flavor of an era 

What do I hope to inspire from visually shaking up the eye that looks at this piece? For you to feel a little bit of what the fifties stirs up in me. It’s kind of a sense of when the world started opening up and really starting to pop. If this image stirs up a soda fountain, malt shop, and some greased back hair with rock and roll playing, or anything else of the sort, then my art performed adequately. I hope this inspires you to finish that kitchen out, or make sure your entertainment room has a great theme. Look at for all of my atomic art solutions. I can paint a commission piece to finish your classic scene 50’s atomic scene.

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Dimensions7 × 14 in
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7" x 14"


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