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My piece Nature by Design is an abstract study of the natural world. I used elements of the northwestern United States to give me inspiration. In my head, I built an image that would convey an abstract study of the colors of nature. This is the second in a series that breaks the elements of a painting into its basic colors  and shapes in an abstract fashion. Herein, we have the blues and greens and browns all broken down into individual blocks to create nature’s balance.


Process of creation

I have proportionately distributed the basic colors of nature to the areas they would be naturally found. With this piece I was able to study how much the colors were able to be used in this canvas. All the colors placed on the canvas really made me think about how the colors are used in nature. It made me notice how much color was in nature and in varying amounts.


What I Hope to inspire

What I hope to inspire with this painting is to change your perspective on nature. I intend to make you think of the basic colors used without the flowing shapes. In order to help you develop an understanding of what fundamental elements I use to create each piece of nature focused artwork. There is no shading, no undefined shapes, just rough geometry and colors. All we need to know is where the color belongs and how much of it. Dialing back all the normal information allowed color to be my inspiration. Just like Sunlight by Design, I used a more broken down stroke to convey the information. Clear and subtle, this piece would dress any waiting room up. It could allow a breakfast nook some non intrusive eye candy. I know you’ll love my artwork called Nature by Design.

Additional information

Weight16 oz
Dimensions20 × .25 × 16 in
Painting Size

16" x 20"

Painting Medium


Painting Surface

Stretched Cotton Canvas


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