This is an acrylic study of a woman standing in a stream holding a musical instrument into the word music to complete the word. Done Art Deco style.

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Here is my paying respects to Maxfield Perrish. I know I will have much to do to get there, but I had to start somewhere. Originally named “Muse Fairy”, the painting quickly morphed into “Muse”. The focus of this study is the muse of music specifically. Having the figure in the center hold the word “Music” together with a musical instrument just helps the entire thing become one solid piece celebrating music and art, two of my favorite things, in my favorite style: Art Deco. What a better way to celebrate it with one of the greatest artists of that period! This piece is still a work in progress so make sure you check back often to see how this piece progresses.

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Weight13.5 oz
Dimensions16 × 0.25 × 20 in
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