Mountain Falls


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Intro to Mountain Falls

Allow me to introduce you to Mountain falls, a painting to bring nature indoors for you. This painting is a chance to experience that natural feeling of awe and success of a view normally achieved by a long hike. This has every element that a natural calming scene high in the mountains would contain. The bright blue sky, clean and crisp mountains. A myriad of trees and rocks of all sorts. Small waterfall ties this piece together.

Process of creation

I felt this piece was where my use of Bob Ross techniques really pay off. It was easy to paint this scene comparative to what I had done last year. I am finding a better understanding of the layering technique and how to use light and color together to bring a piece into someone else’s view. It takes a certain combination to achieve that and I feel that I have demonstrated my mastery of it in this piece.

For you

What I hope to inspire is a sense of inspiration from looking at the mountaintop. A chance for you to feel that grand feeling of seeing this impressive mountain after a long walk. Working towards making things easier, I created a piece that would give you that sense easily, by just hanging it on your wall.

Additional information

Weight16 oz
Dimensions18 × .75 × 14 in
Painting Size

14" x 18"

Painting Medium


Painting Surface

Stretched Cotton Canvas


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