Martini Time


Here we have a fun replication of the 1960’s martini glass with atomic art icons floating nearby.

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Drinks are over here

Martini Time, the name says it all. Allow me the pleasure of introducing this Las Vegas inspired, 1960’s atomic art painting. Not only is it distinctly retro, it also includes the most infamous of drinks, the martini. Notice the green olive complete with pimento, this fun little party of a painting is ready to make any room come to life. This picturesque painting helps to show your guests who has got the drinks; and the class. Let Martini Time do its magic to your environment. Just Slip on some Frank Sinatra and grab a martini while my retro atomic art takes you back to the 60’s.

Recipe for the Painting

One part pink, one part turquoise, and shake it to blend. Serve askew and drop in on olive. Viola! Martini Time is ready. I needed to create something simple, yet defined and exquisite. I wanted to capture the inspirational retro feeling the 60’s created. There was a sharkskin suit vibe I wanted you to feel in this piece. I fawned over images and pawed through paintings from that era. They all had one thing in common, they flowed. The color wasn’t limited to the inside of the defining edge of the object, but would flow outside of the lines. Making the eye accept parts of the image that were not there and filling them in for concept. I needed to create something similar, that would represent that 60’s art. I chose pink and turquoise as the base colors and the painting just seemed to flow out of my brush. 

Well served

This painting really pops! It is a draw for the eye and hints at the possibility of drinks and fun times to be had. Here is the perfect sign for your guests to see. Making sure no one is unable to find their way to where the drinks are. If you stare at Martini Time long enough, you may even start to hear the hiss of the speakers and the sound of a record playing. Wanna class up the joint? Look no further than Martini Time. Contact me directly or any of my paintings can be found on!

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Weight16 oz
Dimensions16 × 0.25 × 20 in
Painting Size

16" x 20"

Painting Medium


Painting Surface

Stretched Cotton Canvas


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