Man About Town


Man About Town is an abstract painting of a figure moving through a cityscape. This piece features the use of color and light to animate the figure.

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Man About Town: A study of color and light and movement

How the stroll Started

I am attracted to the whole mid century modern look. Abstracts and the challenge of what art can be has my artistic attention. I have particular love for the cityscape look. The use of color and texture has always been in the front of my mind as a main focus of mine. They really began stretching the way we look at art. Not just in a way that commercializes art, but more over a cleaner new fashion in art. A way of looking to the future. Even if it were like a Brendan Frasier type “Blast from the Past” type of movie. I needed something to scratch the mid century itch I had deep in my brush. Using Mid Century Abstract imagery with 1880’s Pointillism, should keep Man about Town, interesting at least.

Find the Man about town

Needing a subject matter that could be identifiable yet mysterious. I chose the image of a man in front of a cityscape. I used the division of the painting to cause the eye to start working already, before I even put the brush down. I chose to use a stroke of paint as the first color. I like the modified Pointillism technique I created. This technique really brought action to the piece. I began posting pictures of it on my limited social media accounts and got a great m,any folks really sportive. I enjoyed being productive in a manor that would be so well received. I was getting real excited. I began noticing the way the colors were coming alive as I painted It really made the man look very stationary. I knew the background was going to make the wisp of him more believable. I wanted to make sure it looked as realism as I could get Man about town “ to be more believable. Now my branding, my name, out there. I wanted Simon DeVille to mean something. Here was my opportunity.

I am a professional

Having my work be meaningful and exciting means something to me, so when I saw the reaction to this piece, I began to see myself as a professional. I had spent my days doing things I did not enjoy as much, and here I had found a way to show my inside thoughts and be able to create the dynamics of a job as well, I had found it. My passions would finally start earning me my keep. I began investing into the painting as much as I could. The excitement from my fans and family were giving me all sorts of energy to complete the image. I started seeing the way I could finish it off with some flare. I purchased metallic paint to really bring the image of the city up to the shiny view I would expect to have. I put every metal pint on there I could find. I really wanted to make sure that I was on the right track to show the city verses the organic feel of the grass or the cloudy sky. I was able to put these elements together more in a believable way.

The Realization

The biggest realization to this piece was the fact that I could combine so man colors and still speak to grass and clouds. I would have thought using so many colors would confuse the piece. But by keeping the colors all together, in stead of botching the in spots, I was able to let your eye find the clouds. I just gave the eye something to work with to complete the picture. I noticed the eye would finish The man about town without my defining to much. There is a certain expectation your eye will assume to complete the picture, and here I show that. With my stroke style, I was able to make the image seem more active. That was my biggest discovery. I would carry the name Simon DeVille further since discovering this technique.

A look of sophistication

This is a piece that could bring any home a sophisticated look. If you are looking to create a moment of art, this is the piece for you. I have seen the excitement this piece brings instantly when I see people interacting with it. I can assure you this will complete the party. If you want something to bring a Modern home together, this would be a great piece to help make that feeling “pop”. Man about town would compliment any room with a metallic color scheme. I would also look very nice in a room that wants to be an energetic room. If your hallway is dull, this gem could life it up and give the breezeway an actual moving piece. I am just hopeful that you find Man about town as fun and fantastic as the buyer. Man about town sits in a private collection. It was very personal for the buyer, as he watched as I painted it and posted about it. He waited until the right moment and then jumped on it. Earlier in my career, before I knew Simon DeVille would be a valuable as it is today. Thank you for taking an interest in my work and may you enjoy the following works.

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