Gargoyle on a platter


This is an acrylic on wood painting of a Notre Dame cathedral’s gargoyle

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As you are: Gargoyle on a Platter

I would describe Gargoyle on a platter as a realistic rendering of a gargoyle from the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France. This piece was a joy to create through every second of its life cycle. When creating this painting, I discovered that gargoyles are meant to be defenders against evil spirits and the like. The more obscene or rude the gargoyle was, the more power it had to ward off evil spirits. The platter is the top to a lazy Susan, however the stand broke. So instead of letting the owner throw it out, I decided to turn it into art. I saw the potential from the start of the platter. I covered the back with black faux leather fabric to really finish off the piece. 


I am thankful the cathedral still stands after the fire. I think this platter is the perfect ode to that whole moment. The gargoyle this is modeled after has been a prominent figure of the Notre Dame cathedral. The stonework of that gargoyle really draws me in. I believe that we can reclaim that history before it is too lost. Seeing how close we came, should only make us appreciate it all the more. Here’s to more years of Notre Dame standing tall.


The Home

I could see this in any gothic home or any home of those who appreciate gargoyles. Gargoyle on a Platter can adorn pretty much any wall, but of course would look great in a study or other dark and mysterious space. Hopefully you love this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it.



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