Forest Falls


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Forest Falls, take a rest

Allow me to introduce you to Forest creek falls, an example of where you can calmly gather your thoughts. A safe place to rest and take in the sounds of nature. As if you had not already started doing that yourself. Allow me to let you soak it all up, from the splashy creek, to the dramatic sky. Play along the creek as your eyes cascade across the rocks as if to trace the creek itself. 


What I could do

I felt it important to really let the painting speak for itself. One great thing about my art is, I love to get feedback. I want to paint paintings that fool the eye. So, I listen to feedback about my art and take into consideration how much better my art would be if I followed some of those suggestions. It makes me so happy when people ask “is that acrylic or oil?” That tells me I have done a great job in creating the painting.


Time for you to enjoy

What I hope to achieve is a sense of joy when you look at it. Thanks to the suggestions I got on this piece, I made the water more life-like and I really love it now. How naturally it cascades over the rocks. How much deeper it is since I revisited the canvas. It really deserves to be on the wall of a home or office that needs to get a sense of that natural feeling. I hope that it is you.

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9" x 11"


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