Eye of Ra


The Egyptian symbol for their god “Ra” on a teal background

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The god

This piece of my interpretation of the “Eye of Ra”, the sun god of Egypt. I planned to put traditional colors of ancient Egypt into this piece. The Gold and Turquoise sets itself apart and creates the vibrant energy any room should have; it is going to be perfect for anyone who enjoys Egyptian theme art as well. The Egyptian classic color wheel would not be complete with out gold and turquois and you have them both. Ready to hang in any room that needs the finishing touch. Eye of Ra’s hand painted look gives the Egyptian flair a nice approachable image. Eye of Ra would go great in the same room that has either gold or turquois anywhere in it. Not only will it punch the elegance of the room a notch or two up, but it will give your visitors a relatable image.

The Peaceful feeling

Great for a room you meditate in, or on the way there in the hallway; this image gives you what you need. A calming watchful eye, the Eye of Ra, it is always making sure you are well protected during meditation times. Make sure not to confuse the Eye of Ra with the Eye of Horus, it’s easily done, as there are very clear distinctions for those able to understand Egyptian Hieroglyphs

The Big Idea

Eye of Ra is intended to bring the elements of your room together, so painted the edges to be ready top hang. No fuss no muss. Just pure Egyptian satisfaction hanging on your wall. You use the additional black to help any room. It ties everything together for your viewing pleasure. Please buy the original or a print today. This is just the ticket to have in any environment that focuses on Egyptian art. Historically accurate, Eye of Ra could fit easily in a scholastic environment as well.


Additional information

Weight16 oz
Dimensions20 × 0.25 × 16 in
Painting Size

16" x 20"

Painting Medium


Painting Surface

Stretched Cotton Canvas


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