Boo Boo Kitty


An acrylic on canvas Atomic Art era painting of a cat on a disc

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Boo Boo Kitty the concept

Let me spin your perceptions around. Boo Boo Kitty, the atomic cat. In all of it’s retro 50’s splendor. Ready to float right into any party and bring it to life. This atomic art cat was inspired by the art of the 1950’s. Holding true to the main color scheme, I focused mainly on the colors pink and turquoise. The traditional image of an atomic cat right in the center. Making sure to argyle the image up, I have added diamonds. To add a little jazziness to it, I added stars. Two very 1950’s shapes. This atomic cat is ready to adorn any home and bring that home to the level of an atomic explosion of the 50’s. 

Laverne and Shirley

 I spent several years as a bartender. My roommate and I both had service industry jobs and shared a flat. Just like the 1970’s television show about two ladies in the fifties: Laverne and Shirley. We worked together and lived in a small apartment. I just so happen to have been the Shirley of the two of us. My roommate and I spent a bit of time really enjoying each other’s company and the duo funds coming into the home. She began calling me Shirley and I began calling her Laverne. When I was painting this painting I was poking around everyone for a title. I had to ask Laverne and of course, without hesitation, Lavern just shook her head and stated proudly, “boo boo kitty!” Without a doubt, the best name for this retro fifties rendering. Thus, Boo Boo Kitty was born.

The Space

Aside from making sure this larger piece of mine makes it into a space that can care for it in a way suitable to it. Such a large piece is ready for a couch or a dining room. Fun and ready to float around any party, Boo Boo Kitty is ready for you. I knew the moment that I laid the first coat down that this was going to be a fun piece. This is the art that traps peoples eyes for enough time to affect them positively. Much more so than a somber retro piece, this one is designed for a lighter mental moment. One that has the rock n’ roll readiness of the atomic cat it holds. Do yourself a favor and ask a friend.

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Weight16 oz
Dimensions20 × 0.25 × 24 in
Painting Size

20" x 24"

Painting Medium


Painting Surface

Stretched Cotton Canvas


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