Week in Review 12/9/22

So far, so great

Shocking as it may be, not everyone is as happy as me to be here. Seemed a few shoppers were a bit down trodden from this recent storm, that they didn’t even want to enter a free contest. That is right. I said free. I want to give away one of my paintings this month to a lucky winner. Right now there is a one in 34 chance to win my 1990’s Hot wheels logo. No charge. All I need from everyone is an email address or phone number. That way I can let you know you have won, or let you know what the next contest is all about. I want to make sure that the word gets out about my artwork. I want to brighten peoples day and bring life into the community through art. 

Inspiration exchange

I have been having a great time being inspired and inspiring those around me to art themselves. I have had people buy my art and take it home. One customer looked at me and said, “ It’s for my grandmother”. I have discussed Bob Wross and Bill Alexander with more people than I can say. I have been encouraged by customers that are professional artist themselves. One such customer told me, “ You can never overdo flowers.” I know my eye hand coordination is getting better. I have had several compliments to my work. Feedback I am getting from people on the gallery floor, I have good composition and a steady hand. I value criticism as much as compliment. If I am able to see what I need to improve on, I am able to better train myself to fix issues like that. 

Joy of art

The one steady I have noticed is the smiles the art hanging puts on faces. It metamorphic. I adore the sensation of knowing someone is adoring the art I have created. The sensation is addictive. I am looking forward to returning tomorrow for another fix. The santa bell ringer will be there and so will the friendly weekend shoppers. I have had a few people say they will try and stop in to see. Really. I do love the support. I appreciate the genuine love for what I am up to. I believe this is my calling. Not sure what took me so long to figure it out, but I am glad I did. If you are not able to come while I paint on location, remember that my art is there, when I am not. You can come keep my art company by sitting in the deli seating area and just look it all over. No pressure, no stress, just you and my art. Try it. 

Come on down and see me…at Indian Trails Yoke’s


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