THIS WEEK with Simon DeVille

Week 12/6 – 12/11

Excitement builds

As I venture into this week, week number two in the month of December, I am preparing for my Carts and Canvases show. I look forward to seeing those smiling faces from all the customers passing by. I am reminded of the familiarity and joy from everyone as I sat and painted in October. Looking forward to the productivity and the possibility of homering one of my pieces again. The expressions of the patrons as they carried their art out to their car last time was very rewarding. I felt as if I connected and inspired. Just like I always do when I find a match between patron and art. You might say I was a matchmaker of sorts. Hopefully I see you sometime this week. There might be flexibility with the possibility of more shows next week. I love being able to paint like this. Creating an opportunity for me to connect with my supporters and patrons. 

The Background

There is still much to be done to finish getting ready today. As I figure out which pieces to bring and what to wear, I have thoughts about what it all means. I know making sure to get the word out about my art is primary; but meeting and seeing you is also on the very top of my list. I really appreciate what Denny Carmen has done to open this and other doors for me. The Spokane art community is very particular. I am learning what it means to be involved in the local art community with; learning how First Nights work (A Spokane tradition of opening up downtown businesses for a night of art), learning how to paint on location, learning how to decide what art to display, learning how to sell my art, learning how to brand my online presence with my socials, and trying to generally be a productive viable artist. Spokane is very, Spokane. There are few locations quite like this art community. I am learning how it works. This is basically my studio/store for the month of December. Here is where I am going to get my start.

You’re Invited

Please consider yourself cordially invited to the Carts and Canvases show, my current studio/store. I will be painting on location at the Indian Trails Yoke’s Pack and Save, as soon as tomorrow. I invite you to join me. There is a deli nearby in the store. It’s very easy to come and sit and enjoy the artwork show for as long as you would like. There are several booths in the gallery area and I would love the audience. I will be painting on either Hansel und Gretel or Naturwissenschaft. If not those two, I might be inspired to start something fresh! Please join me and see how these two pieces end up. Another great reason to invite you is the monthly contest we have right now. A 1990’s logo is being given away on the 22nd of this month. All you have to do to enter for the drawing is provide me with your email or phone number. If you come down, you can enter in person, and see the painting that will be being given away for yourself. I hear the digital images never do the paintings justice. If you are unable to attend there is a form on the front page of my website. One entry per person. I hope to see you at my little corner of the Yoke’s pack and save on Indian Trails. ~s.d.

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