This week with Simon DeVille

Third week of December 2022

Simon’s plan: Third week for the month of December. Excited to see things happen in the world. Hopefully you are having a great day. I invite you to stop by my Carts and Canvases show this week and see me finish up my latest piece of art, Naturwissenschaft. That is German for “Nature knowledge creation”, or as we call it, Science. It’s one of Nicolette’s favorite German words.

We will be happy to talk more about it, before or after you grab your groceries at the Yokes. Stop in the deli and grab lunch maybe. They have a large selection. Have a seat and chat with me or watch me paint. We would love to see you at my show.

Either way, thank you for your continued support of my art career. I love letting those of you out there know that when it comes to art, I have you covered. You have an art friend in me so to say. Don’t forget to get me your Email to sign up for the drawing on the 22nd of december. It is 1 chance out of 40 right now. The odds are better than the lotto. The prize is the painting A 1990’s Logo. My interpretation of the wonderful “Hot Wheels” logo from the early 1990’s. Or should I say, from last century?

Hopefully you enter. Thank you for participating and good luck. Thank you to those that have purchased my works this month. I know there will be a couple of smiles this gift giving season from my artwork of love.

the third week in December…

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