This week with Simon DeVille

Week 4 of February 2/20/23 – 2/26/23 – The week of painting in person.

This week has me focusing on painting in person. I have yet to go live online, but that is coming soon. I am also going to be posting to my YouTube channel soon. That should be fun! Brushes up! Lots happening! Come see me at my upcoming shows! It is a pleasure to be able to exchange with others about art and have visiting specters watching my art develop in front of them. It is a special moment that has you with an artist directly in front of you producing a work of art. It’s a process that few share or experience. I love the exchange. It’s as old as art itself. The act of live performance brings all of that rich history right to where ever I am. It’s a powerfully fun magic trick. Check events page for exact times and details. Events here.

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