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Marketplace artists

It’s a matter of fact that artists have been in the marketplace for years. Starting with the town square markets. It’s the traditional way of accessing artists. I personally feel that we have lost some of the human contact element with our awesome advances in technology. The lack of culture mixed in with the fruits and vegetables has had a sterilizing effect on the market place scene. I further think that the loss of culture creates an empty space at the marketplace. Void of my artwork, and those other artists around me. The use of Tik Tok is not lost to me, I love it. I also see how saturated all those social media venues are. The biggest thing that is missed by using social media is hearing a person become emotionally moved because of a painting. I personally love being able to thank them in person for their support and it just feels less personal over social media. 

My artwork in public

I am excited to have the opportunity to paint in public. The opportunity to help bring joy into a person’s world with one of my paintings, or even just be there for someone to boast about their relative who paints. I love it. I love hearing memories and seeing people happy. Very rarely have I been stopped without hearing a connection a person has to art. Each person’s story is as varied as the next. I adore it. That exchange is the way I can paint while knowing it matters. I am making sure that the culture of painting in public does not die. That is my artistic gift to the world. I want to bring back the art of painting in public and let everyone know that art brings culture. 

The chance to brand

There are many artists who are kind of like me. They prefer to venture out of the walled studio and land somewhere outside to paint. There are some who go about it completely differently like Mr. Johnson. Like art, there are many varieties of public painters too, a growing group that has its own culture.  Stefan Baumann has been encouraging others to go and paint in public. As any other professional artist, I am selling my paintings. Being at the local grocery store or art gallery creates a brand name from the roots up. The idea is to build my name brand of painting so that I will be able to create ever more meaningful pieces of art. Landscapes or abstracts known for my style. That starts with a solid reliable style and brand. I am building my brand by giving it out a sample at a time at the local grocery store. The investment of time I am putting into this artistic journey will create that name I desire. 

Pleasant feelings

I want to reassure you that the desire to have a great name is only one facet of why I paint in public. By creating traditional scenes I feel connected with the artists of the old world. Painting live makes me feel as though I am in Paris, painting on the streets for all to see. This feeling drives me; the joy and wonder I see people express as I create. Every person passing by is another chance  to discuss my art. This helps me to be objective and open to new ideas and new directions with my art. There is something to be said about the quality of life experience it is to be around art.  When I paint live, I cherish the moments when an elderly parent comes up to me and tells me about their now adult child who paints professionally.  I know that moment was just as valuable to me, as knowing I was able to provide that moment of art love for that other person. It’s an exchange that increases the pleasure I get while I am painting. I think more people should experience painting in public because of those pleasant feelings. 

Here we go!

Knowing that I am connecting to people and selling paintings. I am working to make sure that those investors that have works I have created already, are seeing a return on their investments. Art is an investment and it always will be. If you choose the right paintings, that can have it’s  rewards. The start of every journey is to move forward. That is what I plan to do this year. I am issuing certificates to those that would like a certificate of authenticity to any piece that is post production. I have added a stamp to all my work that will increase their value, as no other paintings have that stamp before it. These stamped paintings are going to be limited run. We are now listing all Official Simon DeVille public paintings and other events on the events page. And my PBS interview will be on the 3rd of February. The product line will include cups, rugs, blankets, pillows, 110 piece puzzles, and possibly even more. All printed with Simon DeVille artwork of your choice. All I can think is that I am ready. I love what I am doing and thank you for your support. Great things are in store!

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