This week with Simon DeVille

Week of 2.13.23. – 2.19.23

This week I focus on being mobile and live painting in public. Thanks to many people for getting us back on the road. Chris, Donna, Joe, Charitee, Mark, Rob, Misty, Margo, and DJ for helping us get our wheels rolling again. Whew! Our business goal is to get out and start showing off Simon DeVille paintings this week. We have several galleries we need to get into. Silver lake, and Spokane being our focus. We do have a jewelry store in CDA interested in four pieces. All that action with a week finale live painting at Chrysalis gallery on the South Hill. Please keep an eye out, as you may see me painting somewhere in public. If not, we have ordered equipment to upload my working on to my YouTube channel. that way you can watch from home. Great things are afoot.

Third week of February

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