Back in the studio again

After much time, I have the chance to paint again. (Yes, I have made it back to the studio!) I have not forgotten my driving force. I am a fine artist. My medium? acrylic paint, and I am an artist with a journey; to make the world a better place through my art. I dream up art to inspire and create, don’t you know? I am excited to begin doing so again. I have had my 1st studio time and am excited to report that it is truly my purpose. I have never felt this way before, nowhere near as locked in. I believe that a human with a purpose is a powerful force to be reconciled with. I have a drive in my heart of hearts, and that drive is my canvas and brush. I feel like I am a healthier human having this drive to take me forward. This passion of mine, coupled with those folks whom support small businesses and the art community, make all the difference. After all, I can’t make this magic alone. My passion with those that support my passion are what makes the entire process worth it. I watched the buyer of “Green man”, Listed Here,carefully when we 1st brought the piece in. As we handed it over, you could see the collector’s eyes light up with joy. Each time he would glance over, his eyes would light up again. What an amazing experience for my artist journey to include. Not only was I seeing the joy in this collector’s eyes, but I was seeing the direct result of my craftsmanship. My artistry was creating joy. Bingo! This makes the magic I seek.

More magic is about to be unleashed. As I am able to dedicate time to the studio now, I have begun the work needed to finish “Eye of Ra” Take a look here or here. I just posted the most current picture a couple of places. It really gives me the energy to complete a painting when I can imagine the home it will be hung in. With this Egyptian theme I can see this in a fun environment. Full of color and lots of appreciation of Egyptian culture. Of course, this is me just imagining. I may very well end up hung in an office somewhere. Whom ever gets it, I know they will love how the turquoise jumps out at the viewer. It sells itself in true Egyptian style. The Eye of Ra, or Re, has a rich history. Read more about it here, Which attracted my attention since I was a child. Reading about King Tut and the pyramids. I have been captured by the dramatic large scale operations that took place, but the attention to the smallest detail. All encompassing a small window of time and small area of the globe. Yet such an impact. Here I attempted to create the piece that would satisfy my need to see more Egyptian art, but also the need to add more flair to my gallery. Remember, all of my pieces are still available in print. Don’t hesitate to look my gallery over. Worse that can happen is you get inspired.

In an effort to create that atmosphere, I am working on recording my painting process. I have to finish setting up my studio and getting all the necessary lighting. I have a camera and plenty of brushes. I know of a canvass or two and a beautiful easel. I am almost set. I would like to hear back from you as to what you would love to see. I could act like Bob Ross’ instructor. William Alexander. He taught Bob Ross how to paint his famous “wet on wet” style. It’s an oil technique of not stopping to let the paint dry, basically. Take a look here No matter what I end up doing, I am really interested in hearing your thoughts. Getting your feedback. Feel free to Email me directly, I want to hear from you. I would love to know any constructive feedback you may have. Until next time…your favorite artist…saying “Brushes up!”

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