The painting: Pom Pom Pom. This piece features three white puffballs on a multi-colored background of green, brown, bluem, and yellow.

I’m Back with a new view!

Your magical fairy artist Simon DeVille here and I’m back with a brand new view. I want to say thank you for being supportive of my art. Your support is amazing as it helped me through my recent hospital stay. Seems your favorite artist got food poisoning. Normally that would be one thing, but I am a diabetic. So, having food poisoning can be a little bit more. You can learn a lot from an experience like that. You learn what you want to do, what you want to support, What you love, and what you want to put your energies towards. I have a new view on the whole thing called life.

Yes, I am a changed man and I have a new view on life. Not like the kind that hand out fliers to passers-by about their visions and dreams. More of a man who knows what he wants in life. A man who wants to re-tune his life and be a better version of himself. Fortunately I have several assets going for me. First I have the on-going support and patronage of my readers. Your energy supporting my artistic adventure makes all of this so much more worth the journey to begin with. Having a fan base makes me realize how big the world really is. Please know by simply you clicking the “like” button to me, especially now that I made it through my brush with death; it means so much more to me than just a simple click. It means that you support my journey, my family, and art in general.

I am now discovering the world through art and how it can be captured in so many ways. I am learning the style of painting that I find most interesting. Style and how it represents an age I am find is important to me and influences my work. I think of each painting as a trip down that era’s art history and artistic influences. It allows me to escape into another time and/or place by painting a mountain scene. It’s easy for me to find a spot in my head and place it on a canvas and simply allowing the brush to let the color spread over the canvas. So now I find myself at an impasse. Do I lean more towards the Abstract like, Pom Pom Pom? I love the artistic freedom the Abstract movement has. However if we look into Art Nouveau I feel it is fast becoming a passion that could overtake my love for the freedom of abstracts. I love the lines of the Modern art movement, simply take a look at Burlap Bubble. From the moment of it’s inception until it’s several coats later birth, I find the movement captivating. Muse is shaping up well to represent my hand at the Art Nouveau. I adore the lively work I am doing in my painting Naturewissenshaft. This painting is a study of nature. The active mountain, behind the rows and rows of trees, really helped to take me there, while I have been working on this piece.

I end up one day loving abstract, then the next day I move over to a nature scene. The tastes I have are as varied as my life has been. I love seeing the concepts I have in my head end up on canvas. I have another asset, and that is life in general. I am a positive person, I know this. I also have the distinct pleasure of making the big difference in motivation for some. Just by having that attitude of gratitude I love, I find that I can inspire others to greatness in their own right. I have hopes that I can start really making that happen through my paintings. Bringing that excitement for life in general and sparking that passion in others. I have a great hope that my art will assist with lighting that spark.

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