Yellow Bike


A acrylic on canvas of a woman’s yellow bike in front a building.

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Romantic moment

Allow me to introduce you to the painting that will help you find your happy place. As anyone knows, a single flower is a romantic gesture. Her bike basket is filled with roses as if she had just got back from the market. Her single rose in the window next to this noticeable yellow women’s bike with a basket. As if it were ready for it’s rider to take off on it again. Will she?

Rider wanted

What I hope to inspire from Yellow Bike was to encourage a loved one to use her Yellow bike. I know even riding one evening for me changes the way I look at the world. Here is where I hoped my painting skill could do more than inspire someone to paint. Life changing as this Yellow bike is intended to be, it does also capture my love of flowers, romance, and technique of brush strokes. Creating inspiration is why I picked up the brush in the first place. I thought it was only to inspire more love and use of art in the world. Here it seems I was also able to inspire a loved one. 

Riding the road

The best part about this piece is that the proceeds will be used to purchase additional stuff for the loved one. Sometimes the painting is about the subject matter, sometimes the painting has a more intrinsic closer meaning to the subject matter. Sometimes it can be the artist, sometimes it can be the circumstances the painting was acquired, or even a story behind the painting. Enough of these surround my work, the more my work becomes relevant. I like my work being a subject of delight. As I build my skill, I will be visiting this theme more and more. Right now, all I hope is that you fall in love and want to include this in your library of art work. It would be my honor. You will have helped me inspire.

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Weight16 oz
Dimensions24 × 0.25 × 20 in
Painting Size
Painting Medium


Painting Surface

Stretched Cotton Canvas


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