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If you are a fan of atomic art, then Trifecta Moons is the perfect painting for you. Here you will find a blend of Cadillac mixed with the opening credits of Bewitched. Add a dash of Bing Crosby and you might be describing this painting. I knew any shapes stuck around a pole would be a winning image. Moon shapes are a natural fit. What else goes with the moon? Shiny silver stars of course. As if the tinkle tinkle tinkle sound of Bewitched went off in the studio. I had to add the stars.

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Trifecta Moons shows the perfect way to introduce bright turquoise as a subdued background color. As anyone from the 1950’s would say, use pink. Bright pink, the brighter the better. The contrast drives the eye as wild as a Rock N’ Roll concert makes your ears. This tune from the fabulous fifties is just what I knew would fit right into my 1950’s Atomic Arts collection. I really feel painting art from different generational art forms is like time travel. This combo pack of moon and stars does a great job of doing just that. 

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If you, even for one minute, were able to feel your eyes dance around this painting, then I did my job. It is a great peace to accent any 1950’s style environment. As with my series of 1950’s Atomic art, I wanted to drive your eyes wild. With a painting like this, your guests will have to stop and look. I have seen people get out of moving cars to see this up close. It is an enjoyable moment for anyone fond of the Atomic age and the art from that era.

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