The More You Know


The words “ The more you know” On a colorful rainbow in front of a black background.

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As with anything ion your childhood, the image of ” The more you know”, just sticks with you through life. On this 16″ x 20″ acrylic on canvas painting; I wanted to bring that to life and create an my version of the piece. Here I have made this television image something you could enjoy in person. Something that would be a great party ice breaker, or office conversational piece. No matter where you go, the idea that “The more you know” is iconic and very on brand for it’s important for my patrons to be able to enjoy art at the caliber they enjoy the rest of their lives. Why not make it come to life.


Making it come to life:

Here I needed to make evident that this is not the original; but rather a majestic artist’s view of what the world sees painted on stretched canvas in his style. This is a wonderful imitation knockoff of the 80’s and 90’s television image I saw as a child. Since “The more you know” infomercial has provided such an radiant statement, it has culturally grown in something that we here in everyday conversation. It has become a part of our social fabric an so I wanted to make a piece representing that. This piece is still a work in progress so make sure you check back often to see how this piece progresses.

My hope:

As with anything, my hope is to i\nspire you to art, or at least in general. To make good on the promise that I am here to create and inspire through art. I hope this has done just that. The colors I chose were for the most part traditional. My challenge was to stylize the rest of the piece to make it come alive for the viewers and develop that inspiration you hear me talk about.

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