Mountain View


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Yodeling allowed at the mountain view

Yoo-Hoo! Looking at Mountain View only makes me want to belt out an Austrian tune. I can’t help but think this tripped topped mountain view can help you feel yodel ready as I. Here I have created everything possible to be packed into this one piece. The rocks and bushes are placed just right. One the left and right sides covered in trees. Reflective surface on the clear lake. The only thing missing from this view is you!


Creating a mountain

I feel empowered about what I can do. Listening to educators like William Alexander and Bob Ross, I have learned much about the “wet on wet” technique. They teach these techniques using oil paints, which are very different than acrylic paints. My preference and chosen artistic medium is acrylic paint, so the biggest challenge that I find using acrylic is trying to match the vibrancy of oil colors. This is a challenge to me, one that I happily accept as I feel it will just elevate my skills to the next level. Mountain View really challenged me to up my game and really try and get my acrylics to look and feel like oil paintings.


Bringing the mountain to you

This mountain is me attempting to bring to you the combination of techniques that I have learned as an artist. There is a void of old school landscape artists painting in public so that makes me want to bring more art to you. My goal is to entertain you while I paint and to bring some of this old school art into the 21th century. This is a milestone piece that will only increase in value as my skill set improves. Now is your chance to get in before I go national and own a piece of my own art history. Love my art, then this is a perfect piece for you to take home today.

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