Jody’s Horsetail Waterfall


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When first viewing Horsetail waterfall, I anticipated that it would be easy; boy did I learn a lot. The way the mist was shaded in spots and the moss on the sides of the rocks is my favorite part of this painting. All of it matched the image of the falls that the customer had requested I match. The painting was exactly what the customer ordered. She loved the dragonfly I had added in upon her request, as well as the shade and shadow playing about on the canvas. 

Creating the horsetail waterfall

Once offered a commission work project, I always assess how much effort it would be to paint said commission. I always short myself, because I get so caught up in the work, that I inevitably go over the time budgeted for the project. The work I send out has had very few people asking for revisions. I have had a few ask for a revision, and I feel it always helps my skills to grow. I want that piece of art to be something you cherish. If there is a problem your eye cannot stop looking at, let me know. Your satisfaction with your piece is my primary concern and I always offer revisions. 


She wanted no revisions here. Like other satisfied customers, Jody took her painting and went home after purchasing one I had created a while ago, Chorus Girl. She happily went home to display her new pieces in her home in Vancouver, Washington. Don’t be sad though, as I also offer this piece in multiple canvas print sizes.

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Weight16 oz
Dimensions11 × .5 × 14 in
Painting Size

11" x 14"

Painting Medium


Painting Surface

Stretched Cotton Canvas


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