Golden Sunset


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Golden View

I would like to introduce you to one of the most golden sunsets, so much so that it is literally dripping with gold. Unlike the traditional sunset, this one has gone way overboard. Here along the beach you will find all the traditional trappings, Splashy water and some green seaweed. The clouds reflecting the red and orange radiating out of the sun as it closes the day out. The clouds play their traditional reflective roll, of course; but then see way more impressive amounts of gold this particular sunset has. Amazingly so much gold is dripping down the front of the canvass. 


Golden Brush on Golden Sunset

The project I wanted to accomplish had a few solid elements. Use the small canvas. Use up leftover paint from other projects at the end of the night. Something I would like to look at myself. This sunset accomplished all of that. I had also been working on a commission that required lots of restraint and control and at the end of each evening, it was my delight to be able to cut loose and do some painting. I like to express myself in both means, planned/inspiration based. It really depends on if I am in that frame of mind. By the end of that particular commission I was ready. 


Golden Hoard

This golden display is ridiculous, audacious, and decadent all at the same time. I feel decadent every time I gaze upon it. I knew this piece would invoke a feeling of opulence. It has plenty of over the top type of style for a great hint of fun in any room. Let your guests leave with a thought of seeing that painting you had dripping with gold. Let Golden sunset express the lude amount of gold this piece holds. This piece sets off any room with gold as an accent. This sunset is calming, yet loudly screams how much life the color gold brings to Golden Sunset.

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9" x 3"


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