Four Trees


A lakeside view of a stand of four trees with a forest behind them.

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These four trees

I could have called this piece by many names, just as easily it could have been four rocks or four mountains. The four trees standing at the water’s edge were my way of adding balance to this painting. In this piece you should find all the elements you would expect to find in nature. Rocks, water, trees, sky, mountains and some waves hitting the shore. I tried to incorporate all of them to bring you to this wonderful scene. 

Four trees standing in the fog

My desire to master the nature scene was well established at the start of the year. In this particular nature painting, I discovered how to layer the scenery in order to give it a life of its own. I wanted to include as much detail as I could and as far away as I could. Making sure the fog was thick in the trees, the only part I actually struggled with were the clouds in the sky. Though I struggled, the clouds came out how I wanted, making this another good representation of my work. 

Collecting the fun

What you have here is a landscape painting that should inspire you to seek your nearest chair and sit and drink in the view. If you fear being comfortable, then this piece may not be for you. Four trees is a painting filled with natural elements. Those elements combined can cause a relaxing feeling to overcome you and you may never leave your home again. It is highly recommended to place this painting near a comfortable seating area for the painting viewer’s safety. Please handle Four Trees with caution, as it has been known to cause extreme amounts of pleasure and comfort.

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Dimensions18 × .25 × 14 in
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14" x 18"

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