Fairy Parade


This is an acrylic painting of several fairies cheering on two fairies riding a snail.

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Ready for the fairy parade

As with any event, there has to be some fanfare! Well here it is, my most enjoyable and exciting piece of artwork: Fairy Parade. This painting just screams fun, what a delightful parade of fairies and nature. Fairy Parade is a painting in which we find a couple of daring fairies encouraging a snail to move faster with a small acorn. It seems everything is moving along, as the attending fairy cheer squad seems to be joining right in. Momma fairy nearby to make sure all goes as expected.


I wanted to have an image that I would feel challenged by. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment when I can add a feeling to a piece. That’s what I did when I added a feeling of intimacy to the painting. The piece needed action, so I included a cheering section. The touch of the rocks and flowers add a natural element to Fairy Parade. They really contribute to the whole effect of it being in a garden. The bright blue sets the scene off very nicely, so adding green was a clear choice. It brings out the natural look of this piece and really put it all together.


Everyone really seems to love this piece. It seems to be connecting people with their inner joy. Maybe it’s that it encourages the belief in fairies. This piece would look great in a library or in a child bedroom. Fairy Parade will be a welcome addition to any home. You will find yourself getting lost in the fairies. Believe in fairies and be brought back to a younger time. Check out Fairy Parade today. 



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Weight6 oz
Dimensions8 × 0.25 × 10 in
Painting Size

8" x 10"

Painting Medium


Painting Surface

Stretched Cotton Canvas


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