A Nice Waterfall


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Allow me to introduce you to my latest waterfall, and it’s A nice waterfall. I used a tutorial by Bob Ross to achieve this image. It really helped me understand the depth of what a waterfall could bring. I enjoyed its colorful bushes and made some changes on how the stream laid out. I loved developing the rocks and flow of the water around the rocks. It really made the difference in my understanding of how to hold my brushes to get the right effects I needed to make this rendering a successful one. 

A gentle waterfall

I love the Ochre and green colors. They really bring this piece to life for me. This helped me understand the necessity of blending and really gave me a good experience with it. This piece showed me the flow of water and how to translate that to my painting more accurately. This piece is undeniably one of the most fun waterfalls I have created. How this particular waterfall has an almost Japanese feeling to it. This piece is a wonderful piece and I can’t wait for the owner to be able to hang and observe it.


I chose this tutorial from Mr. Ross to gain a feel of the softness a wooded scene could have. I know it was successful as it sold a day after I hung it on the wall at my current show. The fortunate thing is that you can still obtain the image in high quality canvas print. Not a flat printed piece of paper, but a stretched canvas over wood. I want there to be an expectation of hearing Lawrence Welk champagne music in the background. Or possibly a traditional Japanese flute. No matter what, I hope you enjoy a moment next to this, A nice waterfall.

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Weight16 oz
Dimensions14 × .75 × 18 in
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14" x 18"

Painting Medium


Painting Surface

Stretched Cotton Canvas


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