The Tree


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The tree

This example of my work is from my imagination is a collective of the multiple layers I am developing within my artwork. I invited the eye to the distant background and the light and shadow I placed thereupon. It gets tricky making sure the light plays well with the shadow. I feel as though I mastered this one. Keeping the distance in the distance is something I have found that challenges me. The shadow on the ground was not even there before I realized the tree needed grounding. That did the trick and made for a restful spot. Pulling the piece together into a very nice scene.

The gift

I am living next to my wife’s grandfather. He is not always smooth on delivery. I personally think he has a great sense of humor and can deliver a funny punchline. He has also been a pistol and made some negative comments, though. One of those statements, made everyone worried he was being mean to me, but I knew it was just him expressing his frustration. I just so happen to be practicing my light and shadow technique and came up with this. After I painted it, I thought how nice of a gift it would be for him and it would show everybody that everything is okay. He seemed to like it as he has it on his desk to this day.

The concept

The process of creation is part of the deal, but the image itself can take many forms. I wanted the image to say resilient. When I was painting it, I was just practicing some of my acrylic painting techniques. Afterwards I was thinking to myself how great this image conveyed strength and resilience. I was impressed how simple the image was, yet how many directions it could be taken. How positive this piece could be for some. I know it has much in itself that could be broken down. As in life, trees are full of energy this one is no exception and has all the energy needed to make for a good piece of art. Hopefully you find that to be true as well. As I do have prints available. Maybe there is someone you could give this image as a gift as well.

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Dimensions14 × 11 in
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11" x 14"

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